Sr.No. Title
  NIB 2017-18
  Bid 01.2017-18(office Cleaning)
  Bid 02.2017-18(Contract Vehical)
  Bid 03.2017-18(Computer Job Work)
  Bid 04.2017-18(IV Class Job work)
  Bid 05.2017-18(Computer With Operator)
  Comprative Descripation of The Technical Bids Recived For One Year Rate Contract For Contract Vehicles in Town Planning Departmnet in 2017-18
  Quotation Regarding Vehicle Rate Contract
  UBN 2017-18 For Security Guard Dated 16.05.2017
  BID 2017-18 For Security Guard Dated 16.05.2017
  Modification in Bid Document dated 21.12.2017
  Bid Documnts Regarding- Empanelment of Consultants for preparation of Zonal Development plans, Other Planning Services and Project.