Functions of Department


1. Preparation of master plans/sector plans/schemes, projects etc. and their reviews/revision as per requirement.

2.  Preparation of Sub-Regional Plan of Rajasthan Sub Region of National Capital Region. Coordination with line departments for formulation and financing of projects connected with NCR.

3.   Assistance in formulation of legislations / Building byelaws/regulations and their modifications.

4.   Technical guidance for approval of Layout Plan/Building Plans and Current Planning matters.

5.   Guidance to municipalities/UITs on city development/coordination with dedicated consultants /subject consultants.

6.   Matters referred by Collector pertaining to development of townships and other projects in rural areas.

7.   Capacity Building of the department/ULB’s with respect to town planning matters including the enhancement of skills of prevailing manpower in all the urban bodies of the state.

8.   Assisting Government in formulating urban development policies / review of policies, advising Director Local Bodies/ Rural Development/ other Government Departments/ Corporations in all matters referred by theGovernment.

9.   Use of khasra maps, satellite imageries and total station survey etc. in preparing the physical development plans of the towns and development schemes.

10.  Providing/interpreting information about the proposed land use on the individual lands.

11.  Conducting primary and secondary surveys with reference to various plan preparation as well as the policy formulation.


All above functions clearly related to “spatial” aspects of planning i.e. land and its development.

FAQ (Frequently asked question and anwers)