With the passage of time the National Capital Region Cell has achieved certain goals which were set for the balanced development of the region and certain works are still in the process to achieve a certain level of urbanization. The various works are as follows:


1.   Master Plans of all 7 towns are approved (Alwar, Bhiwadi, Shahjhanpur-Neemrana-Behror Urban Complex, Khairthal, Tijara, Rajgarh and Kherli).

2.   Village plans of Thanagazi, Ramgarh, Bardod, Bansur and Narayanpur.

3.   Draft Master Plan for proposed New Townships at Tijara and Kishangarhbas has been approved by Government however these are still to be published for public Objections/Suggestions due to change in Government.

4.   Sub Regional Plan of Rajasthan Sub Region is under preparation.



1.      Rajasthan Sub Regional Plan of NCR-2021

2.      Draft Master Plan of 2 new proposed townships at Tijara and Kishangarhbas to be released for objections and suggestions.



·         WORKS TO BE DONE

1.            Sub Regional Plan of Rajasthan Sub Region is to be finalized.

2.            Master Plans of proposed New Townships at Tijara and Kishangarhbas are to be published for inviting public Objections/Suggestions. Methodology for implementation and development of New Townships is to be decided.

3.            Master Plans of census towns are to be prepared.

4.            Sector Plans of all towns are to be prepared.

5.            Planning, monitoring and coordination for implementation of projects such as RRTS, Greenfield Airport, Neemrana-Bhiwadi link road, DMICDC investment region are to be done.

6.            Preparation of new projects in Rajasthan Sub Region funding from NCRPB. Projects will be identified for newly included Bharatpur district in NCR Region and Jaipur city as a Counter Magnet area of NCR.