Rajasthan Urban Drinking Water Sewerage and Infrastructure Corporation Limited (erstwhile Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Finance and Development Corporation Limited) is a Govt. Company registered under The Companies Act, 1956 incorporated in Dec. 2004 and got its name changed from RUIFDCO to RUDSICO on 19th November, 2015.

In compliance of Cabinet order 160/2014 dated 12th Dec. 2014 Rajasthan Avas Vikas Infrastructure Limited (RAVIL) was merged into RUDSICO vide MCA order dated 29th January, 2016 and accordingly notification no. F. 3(K)/Esta./PD/DLB/14/4169 dated 12th April, 2016 has been issued in this regard. Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project (RUIDP) was merged into RUDSICO vide Administrative order no. F. 3(K)/Esta./PD/DLB/14/4752 dated 13/04/2016.

After merger the Authorized Share Capital of the company is Rs. 50 Crore and paid up capital of the company is Rs. 48,66,99,950/-.

Main objectives of RUDSICO:

o    To give financial assistance to ULBs/Government Agencies/Non Government organization.

o    To give subsidy, aid, assistance of any financial nature to ULBs/Govt. Agencies/Non Govt. Agencies.

o    To arrange or provide consultancy services, technical, financial and other consultancy to ULBs.

o    To carry out survey for schemes and programme relating to Infrastructure Development.

o    To receive amount as revenue from ULBs.

o    To distribute on behalf of Govt. grant-in-aid and financial assistance to ULBs.

o    To arrange or raise funds from public, institutional investor, Banks or Financial Institutions.

o    To plan and financial monitor all type of project related to development of Urban Areas in Rajasthan.

o    To set up a Central Urban Data Center for collecting and updating of all information relating to urban development and urban Infrastructure for the urban areas of the state.

o    To act as nodal agency for implementation of affordable housing policy/scheme 2009 and as amended from time to time by the Government of Rajasthan

o    To Plan, design, develop, construct, maintain, and manage the finance and to make or arrange all the works/Jobs/Services including incidental and ancillary for infrastructure development, housing, public utility services and all other works related to the construction.

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