Project managment

To execute any project successfully it is essential to have a execution body to take decisions for running the Project smoothly. For this Management & Implementation is executed at different levels.

Executing Agency

The Executing Agency (EA) for the Investment Program is Local Self Government Department (LSGD) under the Urban Governance Department of Government of Rajasthan. The Administrative Reform Department, GoR, has issued order vide no. F6(45) AR/ Gr. 3/99 dated 06.10.2006 to this effect

(A) Empowered Committee: 

State-Level Empowered Committee has been formed to provide policy guidance, coordination with different implementing Departments/ULBs and taking decision on matters related to the Investment Program. All powers of the State Government have been delegated to Empowered committee in respect of the matters such as approval of the works to be taken up under the Project; approval of Sectoral and City-wise allocations; approval of the Annual Works Programme; Sanction of expenditure within the Annual Plan ceiling for the Project; award of all contracts and engagement of Consultants; sanction of temporary posts and contractual services for the duration of the project only; take any other decisions in respect of Project-implementation matters so as to ensure timely Project implementation, within the scope of the Project as approved by the State Government.

Administrative Reforms Department (Group-3) vide no F6(45)AR/Gr.-3/99 dated 6.10.2006 issued order for the constitution of State-Level Empowered Committee and further amended this vide order dated 28.10.2006.
The committee shall also monitor and review the progress of implementation of the project; issue necessary directions for ensuring that the Project is implemented according to schedule.
The decisions of the Empowered committee shall be complied with by the Project Management Unit, RUIDP and the implementing Departments as well as all agencies under the project to which they relate. Further examination, scrutiny and approval at various levels by the concerned Departments shall not be necessary.
The committee shall meet at least once quarterly or more frequently if necessary. The tenure of the committee is uptill completion of the project. 
The Administrative Department for the above committee will be Local Self Government Department (as modified vide Administrative Reform Department order dated 28.10.2006). 

(B) Work Finalization Committee:

Methodology for identification of works and proposal of constitution of Works Finalization Committee was approved by Empowered Committee in its 1st meeting of RUSDIP held on 07.11.2006. Further order has been issued by Administrative Reform Department no. F6 (45)AR/Gr.-3/99(i) dated 10.04.2007. The Works Finalization Committee is responsible to finalize the list of works, identified during detailed feasibility study, considering the priority of sectors and works. Further, approval of Hon'ble Minister, Urban Development & LSG is required on file before taking up of any work under RUIDP Phase-II. Three meeting of WFC has been held so far.

(C) City Level Committees: 

City Level Committee under the chairmanship of District Collector of each town has been constituted for implementation of RUSDIP (RUIDP Phase- II). Order for the constitution of CLC was issued by Administrative Reforms Department (Group-3) vide no F6(45)AR/Gr.-3/99 dated 2.1.2007. Later on Hon'ble Chief Minister instructed to involve concerned MLA's & MP's in the city level committees. In compliance RUIDP requested Parliamentary Affairs Department, GoR for inclusion of Hon'ble MLAs & MPs as member in the City Level Committee of the program towns. 
The CLC is being represented by the district/region level officers/functionaries of concerned departments, chairpersons & Officers of ULBs, NGOs and CBOs of town to discharge the following duties;

  • to provide overall subproject guidance;
  • to develop an effective mechanism for coordinating the local Project activities among different line agencies;
  • to assist in planning and programming of Project activities;
  • serve as a coordinating agency among different line agencies;
  • serve as a mechanism for ensuring that the public is represented in the Project activities;
  • monitor the Project progress and activities;

to sort out issues & remove hindrances, if any;

CLC will also act as Grievance Re-Dressal Committee for the implementation of resettlement plan by monitoring grievances re-dressal, determining merit of each grievance and taking action for resolve of each grievance with in one month of receipt.

(D) Investment Program Management Unit (IPMU):

The IPMU headed by a Project Director is assisted by competent, qualified and experienced officers from various Engineering (PWD, PHED & ULBs), Finance and other departments as agreed by the Finance Department.
The IPMU is responsible for Project execution, implementation, management and supervision of sub-projects. IPMU is also responsible for; submission of matters for decision of Empowered Committee & ensuring compliance; submission of periodic reports to the Asian Development Bank (ADB); obtaining necessary approvals from the ADB; issue of bid documents; evaluation of bids received; supervision over and release of funds to IPIUs; submission of reimbursement claims; ensuring compliance of the loan covenants and supervision over the IPIUs. IPMU functions under the supervision and control of LSGD as Administrative Department.


PMU will be responsible for identification, formulation, appraisal and implementation of all sub-projects including ensuring conformance with state, national and ADB social and environmental safeguards policies. A City level Committee will identify the subprojects and will ensure proper support from the line department in implementation of reforms and subprojects in field. PIUs in close coordination with PMDSC will be responsible for identification and implementation of works in the city.

PMU at central level and PIUs at city level will be provided with necessary consulting services through the Project Management, Design & Construction Supervision (PMDSC) to strengthen their program management capacity and implementation of subprojects in field including surveys, engineering design, construction supervision, measurement and billing, contract management etc. PMDSC comprising of international and national experts, will assist the PMU in Program Management and Implementation.

(F) Investment Program Management Consultant (IPMC):

IPMC is based at Jaipur and the scope of services includes; (i) to prepare detailed feasibility of remaining twelve towns; (ii) to assist Investment Program Management Unit (IPMU) and Investment Program Implementation Units (IPIUs) in project management activities in checking & review of engineering designs and procurement documents and assist in Contract Administration; (iii) issue guidelines for preparation of sub-projects and carrying out appraisal of subprojects (iv) policy framing and planning; (v) training for capacity building and (vi) to oversee the work of the three DSC's and provide necessary guidance to them in implementation of the project. 

(G) Investment Program Implementation Units (IPIU):

Fifteen Investment Program Implementation Units (IPIUs) are established and a full-time representative of the IPIUs is appointed in each program towns to carry out daily implementation activities required under the Investment Program. The IPMU and IPIUs will be assisted in preparation of design documents, management of tendering for award of work contracts, construction supervision and overall management of the Investment Program by the Design and Supervision Consultants (DSCs) and IPMC as well.
IPIU's are headed by Executive Engineers in the towns. 

(H) Design & Construction Supervision Consultants:

The DSCs headquarters are located in three regions to assist the IPMU and IPIUs in preparing design documents, management of tendering for award of work contracts, construction supervision and overall management of the Investment Program. The 3 DSCs have following offices; (i) Headquarter office at Bharatpur and sub-head quarters at Alwar, Bharatpur, Dholpur, Karauli and Sawai Madhopur; (ii) Headquarter office at Nagaur and sub-head quarters at Barmer, Churu, Jaisalmer, Nagaur and Sikar; and (iii) Headquarter office at Jhalawar and sub-head quarters at Baran, Bundi, Chittaurgarh, Jhalawar-Jhalarapatan and Rajsamand. 

(I) The scope of consulting services for the DSCs

Include (i) carrying out all detail surveys, studies and site investigations; (ii) update feasibility study findings wherever available; (iii) prepare conceptual, preliminary and detailed designs; (iv) prepare detailed technical specifications, bill of quantities, drawings and bid documents (v) to assist IPIUs in Contract supervision & administration of sub-projects etc.

(J) Community Awareness & Participation Consultants (CAPC) Phase-III

A component of Community Awareness & Participation Consultants (CAPC) has been introduced in RUIDP Phase III so as to ensure coordinated efforts between executing and implementing agencies as well as public, private and community stakeholders. IPE Global Limited, along with Cogent has been identified as the Community Awareness & Participation Consultants (CAPC) for Phase III.

IPE Global Limited (IPE Global) is an international development consultancy group providing expert technical assistance in developing countries. The group partners with multilateral and bilateral agencies, governments, corporates and not-for-profit entities in anchoring development agenda for equitable development and sustainable growth.

Headquartered in India with four international offices in United Kingdom, Kenya, Ethiopia and Bangladesh, the group offers a range of integrated, innovative and high quality consulting services across several sectors and practices. With uncompromising focus on delivering positive impacts, IPE help international development sector clients address the challenges of complex socio-economic issues.

Cogent is a Jaipur based consultancy group extending technical support for training, research and development projects.

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