Circulars & Guideline

1 Circular No. 1 (Work Identification)_
2 Circular No. 2 (Land & other Clearances)
3 Circular No. 3 (Water Supply)_
4 Circular No. 4 (Waste Water)_
5 Circular No. 5 (Contract Adm of IPMC & DSCs)_
6 Circular No. 6 (SBD NCB-IR)_
8 Circular No. 8 (General guide line for Drainage Sector work to be taken under RUSDIP)_
9 Circular No. 9 (General guide line for Record-keeping of the Data, Design Reports Contract Documents and other Documents of RUSDIP.
10 Circular -10-Design & Construction Management System: 
11 Circular-11-Construction Management System-
12 Circular-12 (Guidelines for Payments to Consutants(IPMC,DSC's) Under RUSDIP
13 Circular-13 (Utilization Certificate and Details of Work Done from Line Agencies for deposit works under provision sum of Contract.
14 Circular No. - 14.- Guidelines for proactive actions to be taken before execution of works at Site
15 Circular No. - 15.- Guidelines for Construction Drawings
16 Circular No. - 16.- Guidelines for site management during execution of works.
17 Circular No. - 17.- Guidelines for safety during execution of works.
18 Circular No. - 18.- Guidelines for execution of Water Supply Pipe Lineworks.
19 Circular No. - 19.- Guidelines for execution of Sewerage works
20 Circular No. - 20.-Guidelines for capacity building of staff through construction Management Workshop & training program. 
21 Circular No. - 21.- Approval of Sub-contracting in the Contracts
22  Circular No. - 22.- Guidelines for Issuing Essentiality Certificate Under GOI Guidelines..
23 Circular No. - 23.- Guidelines for Submission of Master Plans for RUSDIP Towns..
24 Circular No. - 24.- Progress report of 2nd Phase RUIDP Format
24-A Circular No. - 24-A.- Progress report of Phase-II.
25 Circular No. - 25.- Apprising about the progress of Sub-projects to the City Level Committee.
26 Circular No. - 26.- Justification of rates of bids under RUSDIP/UIDSSMT
27 Circular No. - 27.- Justification of rates of non-SoR items in BOQ of the tenders under RUSDIP/UIDSSMT
28 Circular No. - 28.- Guidelines for Implementation of various road maps, agreed with ADB, under compliance of loan assurances and Institutional & Financial Improvement Action Plan (IFIAP) for RUSDIP
29 Circular No. - 29.- Payment Procedure for contractors for RUSDIP (RUSDIP-Phase-II) works
30 Circular No. - 30. Guideline for carying our III- 3rd party inspection for RUSDIP works.
31 Circular No. - 31. Clarification regarding approval of C V of Technical staff in IPMC & DSC's
32 Circular No. 32. Guidelines for payments/deposits by the line department against their liability under RUSDIP works.
33. Circular No. 33. - Methodilogy for timely deposition of Own constribution by the ULBs under RUSDIP.
34 Circular No. 34- Ref:To start sanctioned works on ground with in 3 months time for packages under RUSDIP.
35 Circular No. 35- Guideline for Fire fighting services & Procurement of their equipments to be taken up under RUSDIP.
36 Circular No. -36 Ref: Management & regular site visit of DSC/PIU personnel.
37 Circular No. - 37 Ref: Guidelines for preparation of "As built drawings" for RUSDIP works.
38 Circular - 38 Ref: Guidelines for "Exit Protocol" for the Works completed under RUSDIP- (RUIDP - Phase II) works.
39 Circular - 39 Ref: Methology for approval of variations in the contract for RUSDIP (RUIDP - Phase II) works.
40 Circular No. - 40 : Guidelines for operation of Price Adjustment clause under RUSDIP- (RUIDP - Phase II) works.
41 Circular No. - 41 : Guidelines for recordkeeping of record entries & bills for the Works under RUSDIP- (RUIDP - Phase II).
42 Circular No:-42 Notice & signage board on work sites.
43 Circular No:-43 Guideline for Price Adustment Clause & utilization of Mobilization Advance for the works under RUSDIP(RUIDP-phasse-II)
44 Circular No:-44 Erarlier circular no 22 for availing/excise/custom duty exemptions under different packages of RUSDIP
45 Circular - 45. Ref: Guidelines for compilation of different documents for upkeeping of Contact Agreement Document under RUSDIP- (RUIDP - Phase II).
46 Circular - 46. Ref: Guidelines for ececution of pipe line (Water Supply/Sewer) works under RUSDIP- (RUIDP - Phase II).
47 Circular No. 47: Ref:-Guideline for developing GIS Infrastructure Maps under RUSDIP(RUIDP-Phase-II)
48 Circular No. 48 :Ref:-Workshop & review meetings for capacity building of IPIUs & DSCs for implementation of sub-projects.
49 Circular No 49- Ref:- Guidline for work performance based "Grading of IPIUs".
50 Circular no.-50 Ref:- Guidelines for works by PMU officials
51 Circular No. 51 Ref:- Earlier CMS circular no. 22 and 44 for avialing Excise/custom duty exepmtion under different packages of RUSDIP
52 Circular no.-52 Ref:- Guidelines for photography of ongoing activities of each works in IPIUs.
53 Circular no.-53 Ref:- Guidelines for testing of steel being procured under sub-projects of RUIDP..
54 Circular no.-54 Guidelines for conducting focus group discussion in project towns of RUSDIP through CAPP
55 Circular no. 55 Guidelines for Presentation on Master Plans in the CLC meeting constituted for RUSDIP towns.
56 Circular no. 56 Guidelines for execution of water supply sub-projects.
57 Circular no. 57 Guidelines for ADB's Safeguard implementation requirements.
58 Circular no. 58 -Guideline for process of replacement of old leak pipeline taken in on going water supply packages.
59 Circular No 59 Guidelines for operation of clause no. 25.5 & 25.6 of PCC of contract Agreement to reduce delays.
60 Circular No. 60 Guideline for third party inspection of Rubber rings in various Water Suppky and Waste Water sector sub-projects of RUIDP.
61 Circular No. 61 Guideline for conducting the activity of Community Awareness participation Program (CAPP) in Rusdip project towns through CAPP
62 Circular No. 62 Guideline for laying sewer and water pipe lines & Road repair.
63 Circular NO 63 Guideline for checking correction of BGs and its invocation within validity.
64 Circular No. 64 Guideline for execution of manhole and property connection upto property boundary in sewer line works under RUSDIP(RUIDP-Phase-II)
65 Circular No. 65 Guideline for Implementation of price adjustment clause with new indexes of ingoing/ future packages of RUIDP.
66 Circular No. 66 Guideline for Quality Concrete works at site.
67 Circular No. 67 Guideline for Submission of ECs to Finance Department
68 Circular No.68 Earlier CMS circular nos.- 22,44,51 and 67 for availing Excise/custom duty exeptions under different packages of RUSDIP.
69 Circular No. 69 Guideline for variation in the contract for RUSDIP (RUSDIP- phae II)
70 Circular No. 70 Guideline for making payment to contractor for price adjustment, sectional hydro testing,preparation of BOQ and applicable taxes.
70A Modification circular N0. 70-Guidelines for making payment to contractor for Price Adjustment, Sectional hydro testing, preparation of BOQ and applicable taxes issued vide No. 14620-50 dated 31.12.2012
71 Circular no. 71 Guidelines for protection of important assests created by RUIDP & installation of water meters.
72 Circular No. 72 Guideline for reduction in cover for DI pipe lines in hard rock in for Water Supply and PVC-U pipes in narrow streets for Waste Water.
73 Circular No. 73 REF: Earlier CMS circular no. 22, 44, 51, 67 and 68 for availing  Excise/custom duty exeptions under different packages of RUSDIP.
74 Circular No. 74 REF : Regarding installation of minimum three star rating transformers up to 200 KVA.
75 Circular No. 75 Ref :-Financial closure of Completed works RUIDP Phase 1 & Phase 2
76 Circular No. 76 Ref:- Guidelines to complete the substantial completed contracts under RUIDP Phase 2
77 Circular No. 77 Ref:- Guidelines for site management, Safety during execution of works, Notice and signage board on work sites and Road restoration works under ongoing RUIDP packages in town. (Construction Management System - Circular No.- 17, 42, 46 and 62).
78 Circular No. 78 Ref:- Guidelines regarding site visists by various officers/consultants of RUIDP in Project town of RUSDIP.
79 Circular No. 79 Ref:- Guidelines regarding road marking and use of cat eyes on the road sub-project in various RUSDIP towns.
80 Circular No. 80 Ref:- Monitoring of disbursement claims
81 Circular no. 81 Ref Guidlines for safety of construction site under ongoing RUIDP packages in towns.
82 Circular No. 82 Guidline for protection of service lines and water meter.
83 Circular no. 83 Ref: :Co-ordination between RUIDP and Urban Local Bodies/PHED.
84 Circular no. 84 Ref: The Guidelines issued by CMS circular no- 38 regarding "Exit Protocol" issued vide letter no. 14345-390 dated 24/9/2009 & CMS circular no- 37 regarding "As built drawing" vide letter no. 14298-344 dated 14/9/2009.
85 Circular no. 85 Ref: : Capacity building and training for Human Resources of urban Local Bodies and provide equipment to discharge roles and responsibilities of ULB. Construction Managment System.
86 Circular no. 86 Ref: :Modalities for execution of sewerage work regarding Construction Managment System.
87 Circular no. 87 Ref: : Partial modification in circular no. 86 - Modalities for Execution of Sewerage Works.
88 Circular no. 88 Ref: : Indicative guidelines for monitoring of projects under execution as issued by Secretary to CM vide UO note no. Pr. OSD (Mon)/2014/83772 Jaipur, dated 31.12.2014 & Pr. Secretary LSGD UO note no. PS/PSLSG/2014/85 dated January 1,2015.
88M Circular No. 88M Ref:- Modification in Construction Management System Circular No. 88
89 Circular No 89 ref:- To Adhere to following Guidelines in addition to exit protocal (Issued vide no F3(106)(32)/RUSDIP/PMU/CMS/2007/3203 DATED 02.06.2014) before handing over of the assets to concerned line agency.
90 Circular No. 91 Guidelines for safety o construction sites under RUIDP works
91 CMS-Office order-Follow-up of circulars issued regarding variations & time extension and quality cotrol etc
92 Circular no. 92 Third Party Quality Audit (TPQA) for the assests created in water supply sector.

Guideline & Circular for NLCP Works

1 Construction Management System - Circular No. - 1 : Guidelines for payments to consultants (DSC's) under NLCP
2 Circular- Notice & Signed board on work sites, marking on equipment under NLCP

Circular CDM Benifs

1 CDM Benefits (by reduction of Methane emission) from Solid Waste Management & Wastewater Treatment Project.

Circular process selection for Municipal wastewater treatment Plant

1 Process selection for Municipal Waste Water treatment plant to be constructed by ULB's in various cities of Rajasthan

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