Community Awareness & Participation Program (CAPP)

Inception Report

It was envisaged under the Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project - Phase-II (RUIDP) that Community Action Participation Program (CAPP) is required to mobilize, motivate, and facilitate participation & awareness of the community in project towns. M/s Indian Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur has been engaged through a bidding process as consultant for CAPP activities since August, 2008. There is a Core Unit of CAPP at IPMU, Jaipur with City Units at each of the 15 IPIUs.


* Effective dissemination of project information creating awareness about the RUIDP and likely benefits to the community;
* Generate Public/Community Participation in RUIDP activities and thereby ensuring sustainability of the facilities/assets created;
* Ensure follow up activities with project Affected Persons as per ADB norms:
* Create awareness on water conservation, waste water management & solid waste management to create a sustainable environment;
*Motivate the community to pay user charges against the improved services of water supply & solid waste management;
* Facilitate IPIUs in installation of water meters and property connections;
* Facilitate ensuring transparency, safety and quality in executing the project work;
* Asses the willingness of the community to pay the user charges;
* Adequate media coverage/campaign on RUIDP activities;
* Stimulate civic concern about environmental quality and responsibility.
* Ensure that the communities develop a sense of "ownership" of the new and rehabilitated infrastructure and services


The following methodology/tools are adopted for achieving the above objectives:
* Stakeholders Awareness meetings involving the ULBs, Community, Public Leaders, Women, Students, NGOs/CBOs etc.;
* Ward Level Public Consultation Meeting involving the ULBs, Community, Public Leaders, Women, Students, NGOs/CBOs etc.;
* Focus Group Discussion with Women, Elderly, Women Headed Households & Slums;
* Holding of Street Plays;
* Holding of Puppet shows;
* Home visits;
* Organizing need based workshops/Seminars and training programs;
* Distribution of handbills/leaflets;
* Organizing Students Rally ;
* Organizing Essay & Drawing Competition in Schools;
* Conducting Debate Competitions in Colleges.


Some of the major activities carried out by CAPP are given below: -
1. 18 numbers of centralized training programs on CMS, Business Opportunity under RUIDP, Safe guard policy, and CDM for the officials of IPMU, IPIUs, IPMC, DSCs, ULBs and PHED have been conducted at Jaipur as well as town level by the Core Unit.
2. 195 numbers of Street Plays have been enacted on water conservation, user charges, Water Metering, solid waste management, waste water management in the project towns in important public places creating mass awareness on these issues.
3. 56 Numbers of puppets shows striding the massage on water conservation and user charges, solid waste management, waste water management were successfully executed in 44 slums of 14 project towns.
4. Students and teachers are key catalyst in spreading the messages on water conservation, Solid Waste Management, Waste Water Management and user charges to the community. Hence, 45 numbers of school Essay Competition on Water Conservation and 39 numbers of school drawing competition on solid waste management have been conducted in priority project towns. In addition, 8 College Debate Competitions on water meter have been organized and 7 numbers of students rallies on water metering, Sewerage connectivity and Heritage conservation.
5. 1579 numbers of Public Consultations have been organized covering all wards of the priority towns. IPIU and Line Department Officials clarified the doubts of the community in these consultations.
6. 4257 numbers of Focus Group Discussions have been organized involving the women, economically weaker section, women headed families, elderly persons etc.
7. 3876 numbers of consultations and coordination meetings was organized for smooth implementation of RUIDP works.
8. 553 numbers of consultation and Orientations programs on safety and health have been organized for Rag Pickers.
9. 17 numbers of training on safety and health have been organized for project labourers.
10. 9 Numbers of RUIDP works Jhanki organized on republic day district function at Bundi, Baran & Chitorgarh.
11. 3 numbers of Stakeholders Meetings have been organized in priority towns involving the elected ULB representatives, community/local leaders, NGOs, CBOs, students, women groups etc. in this regard, where they have been motivated to disseminate this information to respective community.
12. 3 Orientation program for registered plumbers on proper installation of water meter was organized in Jhalawar & Jaisalmer and one sewerage plumbers program orientation program was organize at Sawai Madhopur.
13. . Three hoardings for disseminate the project information in the prominent places of all the project towns have been installed.
14. IEC material in form of leaflets about water conservation and user charges, awareness for solid waste & waste water management and temporary inconvenience due to project works, town specific information and awareness for HIV/ AIDS in project labours have been prepared and distributed in every activity conducted with the community. Posters and banners have been printed and displayed for sewerage connectivity.
15. 1043 numbers of temporarily Affected Persons (AP) due to project work have been identified, out of which identity card have been issued to 751 numbers after verification of their documents and Bank/Post Office accounts have been opened for 705 numbers. 406 numbers of the APs have been paid their money as compensation as per entitlement and the remaining APs are being paid their compensation once the project work reaches in the area.
16. 2 Numbers of films, one on water metering and another on property connection, have been produced by the core unit, Jaipur and benign telecasted through local popular TV channels for motivating the residents to install water meter and property connections.
17. In all the activities conducted, involvement of the Elected Representatives, Public/Local Leaders, NGOs, CBOs, Women and Students have been ensured and have been organized in active cooperation with the IPIUs. Wide media coverage, through popular local news papers & TV channels, of all the events have ensured so that the massage reaches to the entire population of the respective towns.


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