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On request of State Government, Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) Government of India (GoI) approved for project loan assistance of US$250 Million & program loan assistance of US$250 Million from ADB. Loan agreements signed on 11 Sept, 2015 and made effective on 25 Nov, 2015.

Project Loan of US$250 million & Program loan of US$250 million (Project cum Program Loan of US$500 million) will be implemented simultaneously. Total Program size is equal to US$610million.

Under Project Loan component, infrastructure works in six project cities namely Sriganganagar, Hanumangarh, Jhunjhunu, Pali, Bhilwara (sewerage only) and Tonk are included. Main work under the project will be related to water supply distribution network improvement; sewerage system including sewerage network and treatment plant; house service connections in water supply and sewerage sectors; recycling of waste water etc.

Program Loan component will support policy reforms and consolidate institutional development and governance improvement in the urban sector in the state. Infrastructure works as approved by GoR will be implemented out of Program Loan fund. Program loan fund is scheduled to be released in two tranches against compliance of agreed policy reforms.

On compliance with 1st tranche policy reform requirement, amount of US$125 million has been released by ADB on 23rd December, 2015. 2nd tranche of program loan equal to US$125 million is scheduled to be released by Dec, 2017.

 Under the project, provision is for single contract in each town having complete scope of work like Water Supply Distribution network improvement on DMA basis for continuous pressurized supply, NRW reduction and 100% metered house service connections etc and Sewerage network, treatment, house connections, reuse of treated effluent etc. Provision of long term (10 years) Operation and Maintenance is included in the contracts.

Only one set of consultant Program Management, Design & Construction Supervision Consultant (PMDSC) has been approved under the project. PMDSC is mobilized on 22.06.2015.

Empowered Committee (EC), Work Finalization Committee (WFC), Tender Approval Committee (TAC), Tender Evaluation Committee (TEC), & City Level Committees (CLC) have been constituted.

Program Management Unit (PMU) is already in place at Jaipur; Program Implementation Units (PIUs) in project towns has already been established. PIUs in   Tonk and Pali project towns has been fully staffed and in other towns, partly staffed.

Consultants for Community Awareness and Participation is mobilized from 01 Jan, 2016.


The Project Management Unit (PMU), established by the Local Self Government  Dept., is the main agency for Project planning, budgeting, preparing engineering designs & bid documents, bidding, evaluation & award of contracts, monitoring implementation of contracts through PIUs and overall management of all activities of the project. The PMU is headed by a Project Director and assisted by competent, qualified and experienced officers from various Engineering (PWD, PHED & DLB, UDH, WRD), Finance and other departments. The PMU puts up matters for decision of the Empowered Committee and ensures their compliance, submits periodic reports to the Bank, obtains necessary approvals from the Bank, issues bid documents, evaluates bids received, releases funds to PIUs,  submits reimbursement claims, ensures compliance with the loan covenants, and exercises supervision over the Project Consultants and Program Implementation Units (PIUs). PMU functions under the supervision and control of Local Self Government Development.

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