Capacity Buliding

    Capacity Buliding

Urban Local Bodies need to be strengthened and their capabilities enhanced so that they are able to discharge their functions as per the 74th Constitution Amendment. The concept of e-governance of municipalities is prevalent in some selected cities in India, where computerization of municipal functions has tremendously improved the service delivery level to the citizens and dramatically enhanced the revenue of the local authority. RUIDP has proposed for computerization of municipal functions in all project cities and after assessing the best practices in various cities and discussions held with the Municipalities invited bids from qualified and experienced Total Solution Provider (TSP) to computerize the municipal functions in Corporation/ Councils of six project cities. The work has been awarded to M/S Oswal Data Processors, Indore (TSP). The Total Solution Provider has started his work on 01.03.2005 in all project cities & works completed as on 31-08-2007. The TSP has procured hardware for all the project cities, site development for E-governance centers and 24 software modules are completed & running successfully . Survey of Urban Properties, House Tax Assessment, Urban Assessment/ Lease Billing & Collection, Double Entry Accounting System, Billing & Accounting of Rental Properties, Birth & Death Certificates, Establishment and Payroll System, Online cash collection system, Query Terminals for Grievances and Redressal System, Legal Cases follow-up, Slum Data Management Cell System, Stray Animals, Hoardings, web site development, PMIS (Project Management Information System) modules have been operationalized in all the six cities. The field survey and preparation of computerized base data by TSP has made an impact on the recoveries and raising the bills for House tax. Similarly multifold death and birth certificate has been issued in comparison to earlier years.

The modules developed by the TSP are:

1. Survey Data Base for House Tax, Urban Lease etc.
2. House Tax Assessment, Billing and Collection
3. Urban Lease/Assessment, Billing and Collection
4. Municipal Accounting based on Double Entry system 
5. Store Inventory and workshop Management System
6. Asset Management System
7. Billing and Accounting of Rental Properties (shops / space for hoardings etc.)
8. Issue of Trade Licenses
9. Issue of Birth and Death Certificates
10. Establishment and Payroll 
11. On-line Cash Collection System 
12. Query Terminal for Grievances & Redressal System 
13. Inter-transfer of Data Base
14. Legal cases follow up
15. Building Permission 
16. Scheme Database (Town Planning cell) 
17. Slum Data Management cell
18. Solid Waste Data Management System 
19. Waste Water Management System
20. Street Light Management System 
21. Stray Animals
22. Hoardings
23. Web site 
24. PMIS for Civil Works 

The objective is to build capacities of the Urban Local Governments towards a more efficient revenue collection; administrative, financial and service delivery management with a state of the art computerized Management Information System (MIS), as well as train the municipal personnel in the proper use and maintenance of the systems(s). 

The work will be performed in two phases. In first phase, work of procurement of hardware, installation, networking and commissioning of the System are being carried out. In the second phase the work of delivery of Services is to be carried out for a period of five years from the date of commissioning of the System. However delivery of Services can commence as and when a module or modules have been successfully tested and commissioned prior to the expiry of time for Phase-I. 

The Total Solution Provider (TSP) would be responsible for developing, installing, operationalising, testing, and commissioning the systems that cover the functions related to:-

  • Effective Revenue Collection through development of common Data Base for urban land and property records.
  • Better office administration through development of Management Information System, Personnel Management Systems and Computerization of all activities of Municipal Corporations.
  • Efficient accounting by incorporating Double Entry Accounting System.
  • Issue of Birth & Death Certificates and Trade Licenses.
  • Establishing information flow systems between zones and central offices.
  • Improved Citizen Services by imparting information through web site.
  • Capacity Building of Municipal Corporation personnel by training them in operating and maintaining of the proposed System.

The TSP would also be imparting training and periodic system updating and trouble shooting for long-term sustenance of the System in each town. The TSP is also responsible for Total Facility Management (O & M) for five years and transferring the System to Municipal Corporations for its subsequent operations.

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