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    September 16, 1967, the first constitution of Bhilwara city improvement trust by the state government for development of the city was planned. Trust chairman at the time of formation including Trust 6-7 personnel were employed. The first deputy chairman of the Public Trust Bhilwara were Mr. Kothari knowledge stool. Who was chairman of the city in the 3 years of development accelerated. The city magistrate later appointed Minister continued until 1980. Public trust in the representative for the second time as president Kailash Vyas took over in 1981, since then a total of 27 people representing the government AND the orders of the district collector has discharged the obligation of the Trust chairman. City Development Trust Bhilwara in Rajasthan are employed in full bloom today holds the leading position. Bhilwara 3.60 million according to the 2011 census, the town Awdyoegik urban population as a whole as well as the textile business in India occupies a prominent position. Bhilwara Trusts for the planned development of a draft master plan was published in 2005 after the amendments to the Horizon 2035 has been republished. Bhilwara Bhilwara Trusts for city residents 22 residential, commercial, Awdyoegik plans developed. ° 9 fully developed plans which the city council has been transferred to Bhilwara. And the remaining 13 project is being developed by the Trust and 6 new ambitious plans proposed for the public. Trust is a brief introduction.

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