The Department of local self Government is the controlling Department of all municipalities for all administrative purposes. It also performs monitoring and co-ordination function at the state level for all the 191 municipal bodies of the state. This Department has a directorate to look after the day to day functioning of all these Urban Local Bodies. At present Sh. Naveen Mahajan (IAS), is the Secretary of this department and Sh. Pawan Arora is the Director cum Joint Secretary of the Local Bodies. 

After enactment of 74th Constitutional Amendment Act, the Local Bodies, which were previously not the part of the Constitution of India, have now been assigned the Constitutional Status. There are 7 Corporations, 34Councils and 150 Municipalities. Total 191 ULBs in the State.



Process of cases received from ULBs regarding sale of land/allotment, regularization of Kachi Basties and Agricultural land, conducting Kachi Basti Survey


Approval of Budget of ULBs and released of funds regarding Special Grant, General Grant, SFC, TFC, Grant (in Lieu of Octroi) and State/Centrally Sponsored Schemes/Programme.


Issuance of Financial, Administrative and Technical Sanctions which are not in the Jurisdiction of the elected board.


Disposal of matters related to transfer, establishment, DPCs related to officers and staff of ULBs, DDR offices and Directorate.


Appointment of OICs/Advocate in Court Cases, vetting of reply, opinion on judgment, decision for appeal or no appeal, scrutiny of Bye-Laws and Rules and Amendments in Acts and Rules.


Extension and Exclusion of Municipal boundary, Election of Municipal Boards.


Preparation of Annual Plan/District Plan/Action Plan/DPRs related to various GoI/GoR schemes/Programmes,


Implementation of Poverty Alleviation and social responsibilities Programmes.


Implementation of HRD Plan for elected representatives, and officials of ULBs.


“Smartraj”  Project:- An Indicative Name Given to the Project for Implementation of E-Governance in all the ULBs in the State of Rajasthan.

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