S.No. Title Download
1 Stray animal control and Absolute variance caused traffic chaos in the management getting respect. no. 2612-2809 date 08-02-2017   view
2 Regarding Animal cruelty Act 1960 no. 50-240 date 08-02-2017 view
3 Regarding chairmain of Safai Karamchari Aayog no.-13364 19.01.2017 view
4 restriction on use of Kite Fly plastic / synthetic / harmful substances such as iron, glass etc. thread manufacturing, marketing no.-20-210 and date 10.01.2017 view
5 Rajasthan Municipalities (Surrender of non-agricultural land and grant of freehold lease) Rules,2015  no. 12393-12593 date 28-12-2016 view
6 Right TO Hearing Act 2012 View
7 Rajasthan Municipality Urban Development Rules,2007 View
8 The Rajasthan Municipalities (second Amendment) Act,2015 View
9 The Rajasthan Municipalities (Amendment) Ordinance 2015 view
10 The Rajasthan Municipalities (Amendment) Act 2015 (Act No. 13 Of 2015) view
11 Rajasthan Municipality(Subordinate and Ministrial)Service (Amendment)Rule,2015 view
12 Rajasthan Municipal (Non Agricultural Land Dedication and allocation Rules) view
13 Rajasthan Municipaltiies (Purchase Of Material and Contracts )amendment Rule view
14 Rajasthan Prevention Of Defacement Of Property Act 2006 view
15 Rajasthan Municipality(surrender of non agricultureural land and grant of free hold lease )rule-2015 view
16 Rajasthan municipalities (purchase of materials and contracts (second amendment rule)) view
17 In Exercise of the powers conferred under section 2,332 and 337 of the  Rajasthan Municipalities Act ,2009 view
18 Implementation of the 4G project in rajasthan view
19 asset distortion act view
20 Right To Information Act View
21 Rajasthan Municipalities( Conduct of Business) (Amendment) Rule, 2016 View
22 Rajasthan Lakes (Protection and Development) Authority Act, 2015 View
23 Amendment in Rajasthan Rent Control Act, 2001  View
24 The Rajasthan Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Rules, 2016(in hindi) View
25 The Rajasthan Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Rules, 2016 View
26 The Rajasthan Lakes (Protection and Development) Authority Rules, 2016 View
28 Rajasthan_Municipal_Act-2009 view
29 Model Force Bill 1958 (24.02.2016) View
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