Project/ SchemeIntroduction & Objectives:

Integrated Housing & Slum Development Program aims at having an integrated approach in ameliorating the conditions of the urban slum dwellers who do not possess adequate shelter and reside in dilapidated conditions.

The basic objective of the Scheme is to strive for holistic slum development with a healthy and enabling urban environment by providing adequate shelter and basic infrastructure facilities to the slum dwellers of the identified urban areas. The target group under the scheme is slum dwellers from all sections of the community through a cluster approach.

The sharing of funds is in the ratio of 80:20 between Central Government & State Government/ULB/Beneficiaries, States/Implementing Agencies may raise their contribution from their own resources or from beneficiary/financial institutions. The Housing should not be provided free to the beneficiaries as a minimum of 12% beneficiary contribution should be stipulated, which in the case of SC/ST/BC/OBC/PH and other weaker sections is 10%.

Details of packages with approved cost

So far in the state of Rajasthan 67projects have been sanctioned amounting to Rs. 1035.48 Crores under this program. The most of the slum improvement Projects include up-gradation/new construction of houses and infrastructural facilities, like, water supply and sewerage etc.

In these 67projects 45309 houses are proposed to be constructed. Out of these, 26829 houses are of In situ category, 10333 houses of up gradation and remaining 8147 of relocation category. Beside construction of houses under this scheme infrastructure development in most of the projects include roads, drains, community centers, community toilets, sewerage system/ septic tank, street light and water supply lines etc.

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