S.No. Title Link
  Advertisment Regarding Sanaitary Inspector Grade- II Order no. 65 Date 14-05-2018 view
  Advertisment Regarding Sanaitary Inspector Grade- II Order no. 60 Date 11-05-2018 view
  Amandment advertisement 3/2018 of Sweeper recruitment,no. 2391 date 28-04-2018 view
  VIGYAPTI no. 20 date 25-04-2018 view
  Amandment advertisement 2/2018 of Sweeper recruitment,no. 1528 date 20-04-2018 view
  Advertisement for recruitment of sweepers in Urban Local Bodies of the State (1/2018) no. 548 date 13-04-2018 view
  Sweeper Appointment Application Form 2018 view
  Information regarding old Sweeper requirement advertisement (1/12 & 2/12) withdraw order no. 547 date 13-04-2018 view
  VIGYAPTI 29-11-2017 view
  To return the examination fee for applicants applying for posts in Assistant Programmers and Information Assistant (2013) 29-11-2017 view
  VIGYAPTI 09-01-2017 view
  VIGYAPTI 09-11-2016 View
  VIGYAPTI 7.10.2016 View
  VIGYAPTI  16-9-2016 View
  VIGYAPTI- 09.06.2016 View
  VIGYAPTI-31.05.2016 View
  Health Officer Provisional Seniorty List View
  VIGYAPTI-26.05.2016 View
  VIGYAPTI-09.05.2016 View
  VIGYAPTI-06.05.2016 View
  VIGYAPTI-22.04.2016 View
  VIGYAPTI-11.04.2016 View
  VIGYAPTI-22.03.2016 View
  Notification For Recruitment-26/02/2016 View
  Amendment Notification for Recruitment-471-03/02/2016 View
  Amendment Notification for Recruitment-472-03/02/2016 View
  Amendment Notification for Recruitment-473-03/02/2016 View
  Scheme Of Examination 25.01.2016 VIEW
  Recruitment VIEW
  Corrigendum Note View
  Amendment Notification 1(22.01.2016) VIEW
  Amendment Notification 2(22.01.2016) VIEW
  Amendment Notification 3(22.01.2016) VIEW
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