• Ajmar Municipal Corporation is an oldest local Municipal Body of Rajasthan established in the established in the year 1866. The first chairman of the Council was Major Davidson.
  • In Rajasthan Ajmar Municipal Corporation is only local Municipality in which Chairman of the Council Were Britishers from the year 1866-1939. During this period of 73 years only 2 Indians Shri G.K. Khandekar and shri Hemchand Sogani Were the Indian Chairman for a Permian of 3 Years each.
  • During the year 1942-1946 , Seth Bhagchand Soni was Chairman of the council. He was Awarded with a degree of Sir Rai Bhadur by the British Rulers.
  • As the Ajmar Municipal Corporation was one of the oldest Municipality and initially ruled by the Britishers, the Acts And by laws of Bombay Municipal Corporation were also prepared after Studying the Acts and by laws of Ajmar Municipal Corporation.
  • The existing building of the council was Victoria Hospital Once upon a time. Its name is still engraved on the council building.
  • Before 1960 the Ajmar Municipal Corporation used to run number of schools.
  •  Ajmar Municipal Corporation to run 10 Aurvedic hospitals, 1 Allopathic Hospital and 1 Homeopathic hospital in the past.
  • Till 15th June 1974 Ajmar Municipal Corporation Used to Manage Water Supply System of the city.
  • There is a library in Gandhi Bhawan which is one of the biggest libraries of the Rajasthan.This Gandhi Bhawan Was earlier Known as Town Hall.
  •  Ajmar Municipal Corporation was managing pension for its employees from its own funds much before the Govt. of Rajasthan Startan this Facility for its employees.
  •  Ajmar Municipal Corporation has an oldest society of employees of Rajasthan which is registered in the name of the Municipal Employees Cooperative thrift and Credit Society Ltd. This is in Operation Since 1938. its Yearly Turnover is around RS. 1.25 Corers.Before Tractor Trolley was introduced in Ajmer, The Dead Body waste was being removed out side the city by  Municipal Corporation employees. This Arrangement Was present only in Ajmer in Whole of Rajasthan.

Smt. Kirti Kumawat Deputy Commissioner (Dev.) Nagar Nigam Ajmer

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