City Profile

Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan, after Jaipur, and one of the most visited. As a result the tourist-tout industry is quite well developed, though nowhere near as bad as Jaisalmer or Udaipur. The city was the capital of the once great kingdom of Marwar - the most powerful of all the Rajput kingdoms and the Meherangarh fort must rate as one of the mightiest castles ever built, anywhere. Even today, the fort is an awesome sight, especially when seen from the old town. The deep red sandstone hill on which the fort is built contrasts beautifully with the marble used in the fort and, even more strikingly in the late 19th century fairy-tale confection that is Jaswant Singh It's mausoleam.
 Jodhpur city, the second largest city of Rajasthan State stretches between 2600’ and 27037’ at north Latitude and between 72 55’ and 73 52’ at East Longitude. This district is situated at the height between 250-300 meters above sea level.
The city is a part of Jodhpur district situated in western part of Rajasthan which is surrounded by the districts of Bikaner in north, Nagaur in the east, Jaisalmer in west , and Barmer as well as Pali in the South. and also play in the development process of Jodhpur in the regional setting. Immediate influence zone of Jodhpur city extends to cities and towns of Pali, Balotara, Pipad, Jalore, Bilara, Phalodi and Jaisalmer. The length of the district from North to South and from East to West is 197 Km.& 208 Km. respectively.