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History - Anta historical terms while digging in ancient idol of Lord Ananthanarayana on which were placed the name of the city, which over time anta was Anantapur. Thakur Lakshmandas the year 1632 AD anta quota was 14 Parganas. Kishore Singh, his elder son, the then ruler of Kota Bishan Singh in 1684 AD in the southern of the war which was being fought by the Orngajeb. Asked me to go in. But Bishan Singh, at the behest of his mother refused to go to war. Thus, his elder son Kishore Singh, Bishan Singh denied the quota of state succession and the heirs appointed second son Ram Kishore Singh sided with the war.Kaps has been constructed by the spring Sea which finished with the time utility for public use on the territory Bus Stand was built. Bcshakli containing statues of ancient architecture in the market anta temple is located. Its construction Samvat 1820-30 by anta located in the middle of the shift of MarwarKumliBohre offer it to God of his entire property was made that that amount, and the remaining amount in the name of God The priesthood has been constructed and the remaining amount of bawdi The priesthood has been constructed in the name of God bawdi. In the heartland of Sri GovardhanNathJi temple whose resolutions quota in 1880 from the estate of the court of honor life anta made by Ummedsingh seconds.Resolutions 1 to 9 in 02 Bishan Singh JiKhalsa after the estate on the death of the temple, temple worship service that runs under the control of the Department. Northwest of the town about 4 km away is the village where the ancient Shiva temple Nagda. Anta town center is an old building which is known as the Citadel. Shree Govrdhnnathji temple stronghold inside. Citadel is on the tehsil. This dilapidated castle part - is in a decrepit state, which requires protection. In some places all around the citadel was the first gap has been filled. Anta is a pond on the north side of the resurrection became a religious place and the fair is here Tejaji. Anta quota is no railway line. First town developed around the fortress and the ancient temple of God Ananthanarayana happened. After the development of the city and the old town and the railway station near Kota Baran road was between. Agriculture Upjmandi established in Year 1 9 66. The land around the flat, fertile and irrigated agricultural commodities caused by the market as the sector has grown. Year 1 9 8 9 here at the plant began to produce the N. T. P. C.
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