It shall be the duty of Municipal board Bandikui to make reasonable provision and proper arrangement for the following matters within the municipal area, namely

(1)     Public health, sanitation, conservation, solid waste management, drainage and sewerage, cleaning public streets, palaces and sewers, and all spaces, not being private property, which are open to the enjoyment of the public, whether such spaces are vested in the Municipality or not, removing noxious vegetation and abating all public nuisances.

(2)      Removing filth, rubbish, night-soil, odour, or any other noxious or offensive matter from privies, latrines, urinals, cesspools or other common receptacles for such mater in pertaining to a building or buildings.

(3)     Lighting  pubic  streets, places and buildings.

(4)     lighting  pubic streets, places and buildings.

(5)     Extinguishing fires and protecting life and property when fire occurs.

(6)      Constructing altering  and , maintaining public streets, culverts, municipal boundary marks, slaughter-houses, drains, sewers, drainage-works, sewerage-boundary marks, slaughter-houses, drains, sewers, drainage-works, sewerage-works, baths, washing  places, drinking  fountains, tanks, wells, dams and the like.

(7)     Constructing public latrines, privies and urinals. 

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