The Major Function Of Municipality are -

  • Construction and maintenance of public parks, gardens, libraries, museums, rest houses, leper homes, orphanages and rescue homes for women
  • Cleaning of public streets, places and sewers
  • Registration of birth, death, marriage and Issue certificate
  • Regulation of offensive, dangerous or obnoxious trades and callings or practices, Removing obstructions and projections in public streets
  • Conducting surveys
  • Extinguishing fires and protecting life and property when occurs
  • Construction and maintenance of public streets and Lighting of Streets, Parks Etc.
  • Building plan approval
  • Issue Lease deed (patta)
  • Mutation and name transfer. 90A(Land conversion)
  • Naming streets and numbering houses
  • Suitable accommodation for any calves, cows or buffaloes required within the municipality for the supply of animal lymph
  • Removal of Encroachment
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