Main Objectives :-

 01 -  Cleaning of public streets and drains.
 02 - Cleaning of public toilets and urinates.
 03 - Repair and maintenance of drains.
 04 - Emancipation of dead dogs.
 05- To remove the heaps of garbage.
 06 - To remove the debris.
 07 - Sanitation and cleanliness of Garbage Houses.
 08 - Other works related to garbage disposal.
 09 - Disposal of dead bodies of dead cows and buffaloes.


Public Services :-
Nagar Palika  provide many types of facilities to the citizens which are give below.
 01 - Sanitation Facility.
 02 - Ration Card Facility.
 03 - Social Securities Facility. 

Ration Card Facility :-
This facility provided by the Ration Card department of the Nagar Palika . Nagar Palika provide this facility to  the citizen’s according to their living standard that means who’s those person are eligible to take this facility because Ration  Cards having three categories.

 01 - APL (white) Ration Card.
 02 - BPL (Blue) Ration Card.
 03 - AAY (Yellow) Ration Card.