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Nimbahera has been named after the local river Nimba. However Nimbahera was a district in the princely state of Tonk (princely state) before independence, and later on it was merged into the Chittorgarh district of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Nimbahera is known for its stone, Nimbahera stone, a kind of Limestone which is used as a building material and raw material in cement manufacturing, thus making it a suitable destination for cement industries. Limestone being available in plenty serves as a good source of employment for the people of Nimbahera. The city is also known for its largest Krishi Upaj Mandi( which in English means Agricultural products market), not only largest mandi of the district, but also major mandi ( market) of state. Nimbahera is expected to become one of the highest cement manufacturing centres in Asia, after completion of several upcoming cement projects.at present four major cement plant jk cement,nimbahera, jk cement,magrol, wonder cement and lafarge cement are in production and two cement plant ,imami cement and dalmiya cement are upcoming cement plant.no doubt nimbahera is cement hub of india[citation needed] Many small scale industries are located in the RIICO industrial area of the town, providing local employment, as well as a number of medium sized industries including fertilizer, soyabean oil processing, and plastics. Hindi, Urdu, Rajasthani and Mewadi are all spoken in Nimbahera, as well as a number of local languages.
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