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Padmapur city of Rajasthan's Utrman district headquarters 0 rhythm Sri Ganganagar 38 km area located in the south be supported the "C" category of the municipality be supported municipal Padmapur the Sthaapana 21 February 1973 resulted Thya first as an administrator, Mr. Manohar Lal Mohta appoint Rajyi government A Ttpmshchakt 3 Aktuybr a Adhyrksh by 1974, and a Upadhytksh Sdsyor and seven were selected to receive the first Adhyksh Resham Singh was elected as Mr. A Currently 20 wards in the municipal sector be supported Adhyksh them , upadhye Q , including 25 of the 19 elected members nominated Sdsyon and 4 are Mndsl AThe city of Bikaner Maharaja named Padamsinh name of the grandson of Mr. Gangasinh G Padmapur A currently employs 20 office of the Centre 2 , the kingdom 's 11 public and 7 semi- government offices be supported 2 of the Centre for government offices Ssstri border force, DOT Rajyg be supported government official offices in 11 wards in 12 Upjila clause Snkyaa, Tehsil Ward 5 Jnswaesyry Abiantri Snkyak and the Department of Agriculture research center Anyc wards, the prosecution department, epididymis and Peedblsu D, blah Vrishtn the Education Officer, Irrigation Department, Avkari department offices be supported in semi municipal offices,Agricultural Mndir Committee , Jodhpur Vigut Distribution Corporation Ltd. , sales Cooperative Society Ltd , Rajsthasn Stetht warehouse , Panchayat Samiti , Aangnbadi Ityavdi be supported officesNeither % est historical - religious Sthamn Vibhinnri Subayman be supported in this town , Mr. Hanuman Temple , Ramdev ji temple , the temple of Sri Durgamata , Mr. Nanak Darbar Thursday Mr. Arodvansh Thursday , Mr. Sinhsba Thursday , Mr. Biswtkrma Thursday Bisnoyi temple And be supported Mr. Krishnr Pranami temple Being located in the Thar Desert, the climate is hot and dry almost all year round and the SA Municipal Ganga Canal City project currently being fed green area remains almost the entire sub- tehsil A A coming of monsoon in the city is uncertain at present, the average rainfall A millimeter is about 247 weather here is hot and dry A In the north of Rajasthan Padmapur 290 32 ' north latitude and 730 26 ' east longitude The mean sea level is situated at an altitude of approximately 165 m A Padmapur be supported municipal area of ​​3.41 sq km According to the 2011 Jngnna Padmapur population is estimated at 18420 APadmapur a Mhowigaly 2 Uchci Madhygmic Vigaly 4 Uchcs primary Vigaly 3 primary Vigaly be supported by the government -run primary Vigaly Also 8 Uchchl mean higher Mick Vigaly 2 and 1 primary Vigaly be supported privately operated
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