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: Rajgarh is considerde as an important town within the jaipur region. The town is located in the NorthEast direction of jaipur city and is at a distance of about 115 kms by road on State Highway (SH-25) towards 36 Alwar. As per the revenue records the area of Rajgarh is 25 Sq. Kms. Rajgarh is a city and a municipality in Alwar district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is a neat small town and has scenic hills dotted with some forts and fortresses And many kind of water falls ,valley, top class pleasant hills of Aravalli. Rajgarh has an average elevation of 479 metres (1571 feet).Rajgarh was earmarked as the capital of the Alwar princely state in the early 19th century. Today it is a major agricultural centre with a RIICO industrial park. Famous and Attractive places of Rajgarh- 1.Kala daata 2.Aalewa water fall 3.Jharna Dam 4.Govind Dev Ji Temple 5.Rajgarh Fort 6.The Haunted 7 chauk ki haweeli The early history of Rajgarh is related with Bargujar rulers. Vyaghraraja or Bagh Raja was a Bargujar ruler in 13rd century who established this ancient city. He constructed a tank which is called Baghola Talab after him. He is worshiped as a folk deity in this area. Later in this dynasty was a notable ruler called Rajadeva Bargujar, who gave name to this city. Meenas were later rulers of the area before the arrival of Kachhwahas.
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