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Sojat city of marwar region (Jodhpur empire), is situated on the left bank of the Sukri River, in Pali district India. It was earlier (in the ancient times) known as Tamravati nagri. There is also a large and famous fort sinsituated          on top of one of the hillock. The fort has a big reservoir and several temples like Sejal Mata, Chaturbhuj, Dhatiya baliji, Ichapur Balaji jikal Mata and so on in near by highway. There is also an old temple of Chamunda Mata situated on top of one of the hillocks. Sojat is India's largest henna production city. 90% of "Mehandi" production goes for export all over the world. Sojat City is also called as Henna city( Mehandi Nagri ). It is a hub of Henna cultivation. Due to its favorable climatic conditions and soils Sojat is the only region in India where henna is grown and are exported worldwide. Henna produced in this region has popularity all over the world as "Rajasthani Henna" and it imparts a rich reddish dark stains on hands and feet and also act as a good natural conditioners for hair. Henna of this regions contains high Lawson content. The dyeing agent in henna powder is Lawson which is present in dry henna leaves at a concentration of 0.5–2.5%. It attaches itself strongly to proteins, and as a result the dye is very fast.   Higher the Lawson content in Henna powder better is the quality. Government of Rajasthan (under Agriculture Marketing Board) set up Krishi Upaj Mandi in Sojat city to boost up the production and marketing of Henna leaves of this region. Since it is an export commodity about 90% henna produced in this region are exported to about 130 countries. The role of Krishi Upaj Mandi is to ensure fair returns to the henna farmers of this region. They are also responsible for the general development of market       yards by way of providing necessary amenities and facilities. Everyday there are about 140-150 Metric Tons Henna leaves are sold by farmers to Henna traders and manufacturers through this Krishi Upaj Mandi Sojat city. 

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