History/City Profile

City profile & Introduction :- Sumerpur is located in the South western Part of Rajasthan. This town got its name from the Rajput rules of the area known as Shri Sumer Singh Maharaja of Marwar state. This town came into existencein the year 1912. This town is located on NH No.14 at a distance of 148 Kms from Jodhpur ,73 Kms from Pali & 37 Kms from Bali.Sumerpur town is one of the few inmportant newly developing towns in south western Rajasthan. it is located in the midst of fertile irrigation commend land of Jawai Dam Project. it is an important Mandi town and has vast potentiality for faster growth.in addition to the trade & commerce, other allied activities like establishment of agro based industries& power looms, cloth weaving & light engineering goods manufacturing unit have also developed. rajasthan investment and industrial Development Corporation is also developing an industrial estate in the town . This fast developing town is now facing lots of problem due to back of Intrastructure facilities such as Road. Sewerage, Drainage, Solid Waste disposal, Water supply & haphazard development & encrochments.Geographically this town is located at intersaction of western arid & Hilly Arawali region ( which is the one of the oldest hilly sange of the world) of the Rajasthan. This town is located at an altitude od about 290 m above MSL at 25`09'' N latitude & 73`04'' E longitude.History/City Profile
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