Function of Municipalty

1. The main municipality Krityk- (1) shall be the duty of each municipality in its municipal reasonable provision for the following matters and make appropriate arrangements, area Arthatः-

Part 4 (a) Rajasthan charter, September 11, 2009 9 (75)

(A) Public health, hygiene, preservation, solid Apsisht management, drainage and sewage-borne, public roads, and not Mlnalion places and other places, which never saw the private Spanti and open to the public use Hane, whether such The municipality lies not in place or not, does the cleaning, removal of vegetation and Lake Nusenson lossy not finish;

(B) Gdngi, Kudah litter, dung, deodorant or a building or buildings, or those relating Suchalya, layers Tharta, Mutralya layers, layers Mlkupon or to put other common characters such substances or any other harmful substance to delete repulsive;

(C) public roads, not in locations not and Shwnon to lighting;

(D) fire extinguishing and fire to protect life and property;

(E) to regulate repulsive or dangerous trades or businesses;

(F) public roads or places and in places, layers which does not have private property and not open to the public Upyage, whether or not contained in such places municipality ha area to remove obstacles and salient parts;

9 (76) Rajasthan charter, September 11, 2009 Part 4 (a)

(G) dangerous and unhealthy buildings or places, or delete the protected enclaves to restoration;

(B) the carcasses of dead animals and dead spots for Nirwatrn acquisition, maintenance, transformation and regulation;

(I) Sawarj Nick Margane, Puliaa, municipal boundary layers Cihna, layers millets, Vdshalaa layers, layers Nalia, not Mlnalia areas, drainage layers Rmon Skan, rectum Skan Rmo, not Snanagara, washing placement layers, layers of Rs -Water stream, Talaba layers, Kanua layers, layers to build dams and Ttsman other Skanrmon ​​them to make the changes and their maintenance;

(J) public Tharta, layers Suchalya, Ne building and urinals;

(K) The naming of routes not Skrnyakan Ara homes;

(L) to Pjnikrn of birth and death;

(E) within the municipality to arrange for such dogs Priradhea and shielding, which Sbndhna action under this Section 249 is to be;

(N) of this Act or any municipal property for Pryajenon security as may be required by the municipal police authorities Mddhe Arkismk their expenses to pay salaries and to provide a place and which

Part 4 (a) Rajasthan charter, September 11, 2009 9 (77)

Relating to the police force should be required by law under the state government;

(O) the safety of persons, property rights protection Ara Lake Sbndhna Ktwary such acts and which should be prescribed, to the layers to form a volunteer force;

(P) of dung and compost to prepare Kduhakrkt adjustments.Done.- do not;

(Q) Kajni House to establish and maintain;

(D) Jnskrnya control, family planning and family Mankane promote Cotee;

(D) shall prepare plans for economic development and social justice;

(Not) Sdkha, Futpatha layers, layers foot, layers passengers and goods, both for transport Tmirnla, layers Pula, over-Brija layers, layers all-and, the construction and maintenance sectors including Ferij Schanar system and internal waters Establish transport system;

(I) traffic Abiatriki Yaje Naa, layers route-furniture, parking areas and not just to prepare Upagan Staॅp transport system including;

(F) new areas for human settlement development to arrange for Yaje Nabddh;

9 (78) Rajasthan charter, September 11, 2009 Part 4 (a)

(B) shall Yew garden fountains installed Factor, sector or sectors arranged Mnorjn Factor, dressing area, river and land-direct visual depiction measures for beautification of the urban area;

(V) community to Sgrh Mhtwpnrrua Akandohn and data;

(F) district or regional development plan, if any, with the urban area development plans and schemes to Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekit;

(E) Education, Sports and Snaskritik Sbdhnai promote activities; (Required) municipal finance and development work taken in hand by his other activities Ara Mhtwpnrrua notifications about material and not the stakeholders and the general public to disclose; (Yk) Pshuuon the Prevention of Cruelty to take steps to ensure; And (Era) by or under this Act or any other law for the time being in force as provided under such other legal or

Regulatory acts to follow.

(2) municipal their administrative, technical, financial and Sgan Tnatmk capacity and actual conditions existing in urban areas Part 4 (a) Rajasthan charter, September 11, 2009 9 (79)

In view of the aforesaid acts not'm not any Karan, field or to suspend their crib could Vinishcy.

(3) The municipal government does any of the aforesaid acts, if not by the municipality in charge of such work has not been suspended or through the following will give the Dires.

(4) municipal discharge of any of the aforesaid acts not in Keee of the Apeecsheiat Avsrchanna, either manually or under the agreement referred to in section 154 through any agency, the plan would create, its construction, enforcement, maintenance or could Prabdhna.

2. other municipal municipality Krityk- its main acts, which layers on the first charge Hogee Municipal Fund Considering the satisfactory performance and its Pbrdhnakiy, technical and financial capabilities subject to, any of the following acts shall be responsible for will take, their performance may or may stimulate their execution, Arthatः-

(W) in the field of environmental Srn moment

(A) the municipality to work in plantations and parks and gardens of the building, to promote social forestry and maintenance of open spaces;

(B) plants, vegetables and trees for layers of Pudshalaon and public participation through the establishment and maintenance of green growth;

(C) layers of floral-Pradrshnia not Ayaje and promote civic culture and the growing flu

9 (80) Rajasthan charter, September 11, 2009 Part 4 (a)

(D) measures for the prevention of all forms of Pradshuan encouraging.

(Ii) health and sanitation sector Leak Me-

(A) for the mass vaccination campaign Skrnamk not Unmlu diseases;

(B) deliver unhealthy enclaves;

(C) the maintenance of all public and private ponds Talaba, layers of wells and other sources Jlapuirt re-excavation, repairs and maintenance and Nibdhnanon on terms that are not, the municipality thinks fit, regulation; And

(D) Prvcna, seminars and conferences through layers of public health and general welfare, promotion of civic consciousness;

(Iii) education and culture in the region

(A) civil education, Prada Yes, education, social education and promotion of informal education;

(B) Sganit, physical education, including enrollment Kdu and Thiyter cultural activities and promotion of their infrastructure;

(C) promotion of urban life sciences Ara Pradyaagiki;

(D) municipal Ptrikaa, layers periodical publication of magazines and souvenirs, books purchase and Ptrikaa, layers Megajinon and subscribe to newspapers;

Part 4 (a) Rajasthan charter, September 11, 2009 9 (81)

(E) Muirtya proper manner, not to establish the picture and picture;

(F) art-galleries, and botanical or animal Sganrhon systems, installation and maintenance;

(G) the historical, artistic and other important places and monuments of the preservation and maintenance; Ara

(H) public libraries, layers Sgrhalya, Wacnalya layers, layers madhouse, House-Bvna layers, layers offices Snirman, installation, maintenance or upkeep to contribute; ; Paddh welfare in Lacey

(A) Skruaa, floods, or other natural or Prudyaeigki Apdao Bkump time of installation and maintenance of shelters Ara area within the boundaries of municipal relief for destitute persons;

(B) Asptala, Ne Awsdhalya, layers Asryo, shall deliver Griha, layers Prsuit Snirman or maintenance of houses and child welfare Knedron or provision for their assistance;

(C) the provision of shelters for Begrane;

(D) hand-cleaning personnel and their families for the discharge and rehabilitation of Kaikrramon implementation;

(E) the system of voluntary labor for community welfare and voluntary coordination of Kriyaklapo of Sgantnoen; And

9 (82) Rajasthan charter, September 11, 2009 Part 4 (a)

(F) the dissemination of such information to the campaign, which ha Mhtwpnrrua for public welfare, sectors and

(A) Community Sbndhnaa in layers

(A) specific individuals to civilian honor and tribute on the death of eminent persons

(B) fairs and Pradrshnio system and to Prabdhna; and

(C) dissemination of information of public interest.

3. Government Smndurdirst Krityk- state government, commanded by general or Bisshea other municipal functions from a municipality could expect to observe each state government, the municipality and the resources in view of the need to be followed by the municipality deems appropriate.

4. The president and vice Krirityk- (1) the duty of the president of the municipality Hagen

(A) such as provided in section 58 of the regular meetings as a municipality to Ayaeijt;

(B) did not prevent the Yuktiycut reason ha, the area of ​​municipal and preside over all meetings of Section 337 sub-section (2) of clause (Gppp) Subject to the provisions of the regulations being in force subject to such Working meetings in Schanaln to regulate;

Part 4 (a) Rajasthan charter, September 11, 2009 9 (83)

(C) the financial and executive municipal administration monitoring;

(D) subject to and in accordance with this Act specifically imposed on him or her to exercise all the duties and exercise all Sktiane; And

(E) such other executive functions Following prescribed Jayekn

(2) The municipality, vice president Pryage such powers and perform such duties Krgea, the area president delegated to it from time to time. Vice President of the

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