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Tijara History

Cunningham's article and the Archaeological Survey Gyatwv the Mahabharata Yaduvanshis journalist Trigt Sridisht near Prince Susharma Yhon She said the city was able to hear the land Tijara built townships. Khanjoda Tijara is a historic town at the time, and this time the city received special prominence is its history. Sinknder his brother Alauddin Lodi Lodi assigned to the rule of Tijara Tijara who built the dam and huge Brithri dome. Hindal Mirza Babar's son received the Alwar and Tijara year from 1530 to 1540 as Jahgir ruled. The land west of border guards Alwar Tijara several people in connection with settling the prevalent rumor. Shravan Kumar Father devout pilgrimage was also a relaxation area.

Ulauddin Mskl Malik Ghazi was a Khanzada. Tijara is the ruler. The dome of the shrine Malik law which still remains near the old Nijamt municipality has made the Kazi House. Babur's son Hindal Mirza Qazi of the dam, and the inn built mosque. Aslimpur strike Aderi have made Bganla Unjali name remains still exists there, which had a garden.

He moved in 1791 to the occupation of Tijara Mratho again. Naresh Singh of Alwar in 1805 Bktavr annexed Yhon. In 1826 came the 'Right Rao Raja Balwant Singh.

Balwant Singh in 1835 to build Fort Phadia Chhapniyan the auspicious time of the famine created by Alauddin Lodi made sure to raw dam. He came to power in 1848 and re-Tijara Vijay Singh of Alwar. Shivadaan Maharaja Sahib Singh, the British officer Krnl Koodal Alwar Tijara Tijara the road and in the Official School and Hospital set. Currently a state in Tijara College, a secondary Vidyalaya, including a child Vidyalaya secondary institutions serving households is around 20 private and educational technology. Tijara Tijara town of Tehsil headquarters. Tijara tehsil Bhivadi within 3 large Adugik area, Capanki and Khuskeda is located. These Adugik sector within big industry Jaseā¤ƒ- Honda City, Sentgovin, Kajaria, Shriram Pistons etc. The company is located, which could employ thousands of people. Aikailtikjon recently been declared by the State Government to Khuskeda Haktijara Rajasthan State Road Transport depot is located. Tijara Town of historical and religious destinations is also famous about. Dehradun, India famous Jain temple is located here too. Tijara and the famous Shiva temple on Ferozepur Road (Jir) is located. By Tijara Sreta Surjmuki waterfall is located on the paths. Currently Tijara castle is being developed as a heritage hotel. Overall currently Tijara Town rapid development and economic growth is poised.

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