1. Salient features
    1. Single package covering all 187 ULBs
    2. Single State Level Software Solution (SLSS) which will be Web Based.
    3. Includes supply, installation of hardware at State Data Centre (SDC) and all 187 ULB
      1. Total contract period shall be 5 years – 3 years implementation and 2 years O&M
      2. The 187 ULBs shall be commissioned in 3 phases as below:
      3. Phase I of 18 months – development of software and commissioning of 7 ULBS of category A and 25 of category B
      4. Phase II of 9 months –commissioning of 43 ULBS of category C
      5. Phase III of 9 months –commissioning of 112 ULBS of category D
    4. Approximate cost for works in the RFP is Rs. 163 crores. Total sanctioned cost of project is Rs. 183 crores
    5. Scope of work includes work of door to door household survey for urban development tax

  2. Services to be provided on-line to citizens:
    1. Birth, Death and Marriage Registration System
    2. Building Permission
    3. Online Cash Collection Module
    4. Billing, Accounting of Rental Properties (Shops, space for Hoardings including on-line booking of ULB properties like community centres, marriage gardens, etc)
    5. Trade License Management
    6. Demand generation (Challans) Modules such as Land Use Change Module, Compounding Charges, Debris (Malwa) Charges, Name Transfer Fees, Lease deed (Patta) Issuance, Road Cutting Charges, Sewer Connection Charge
    7. RTI Act Module
    8.  Lok Seva guarantee Application Management
    9. No Objection Certificate Management

  3. Services available to ULB
    1. Stores, Inventory and Workshop Management System
    2. Accrual Based Double Entry Municipal Accounting System
    3. Legal Cases Module
    4. Establishment n Payroll, Personnel Management (HRMS)
    5. Asset Management System Urban Assessment/ Lease, Billing and Collection
    6. House Tax Assessment, Billing and Collection (Urban Development Tax or any other tax related to land / property levied by the government)
    7.  E – Auction of hoardings, lands, others
    8. Solid Waste Data Management System with GPS enabled Vehicle Tracking System
    9.  File Tracking System in category  A ULBs
    10. Payment gateway Module
    11. Web Portal

  4. Objectives and outcomes
    1. Single Window Services to citizens on anytime, anywhere basis
    2. Provide a single integrated view of all ULBs in the state
    3. Creation of web portals for access to ULB’s information and services.
    4. Training the government staff to run the operations and manage assets independently.
    5. Operation & maintenance of the application and handholding for a period of 2 years with a provision for further extension
    6. Transparency and accountability in ULB functioning
    7. Quick re-dressal of grievances

  5. Current Status
    1. Letter of Intent (LOI) issued to the lowest bidder comprising of consortium of M/s Fourth Dimension Solutions Pvt Ltd, M/s Ricoh India Ltd and M/s Mars Telecom Systems Pvt Ltd on 22.7.15 for Rs. 124.26 crores.
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