Circular & Guideline RUIDP Phase-III

Sr. No.    Circular No. and Reference Publish Date
1   CMS-1 Ref : Communication Protocol between PMU, PIU, PMDSC (Employer’s Representative) and Contractor under RUSDP.  25.10.2016
2   CMS-2 Ref : Responsibilities of key agencies i.e. PIU, PMDSC & Employer’s    Representative under RUSDP.  25.10.2016
3   CMS-3 Ref : Guidelines for “As built drawings” submission for projects in Phase-III under RUSDP.  05.07.2017
4   CMS-4 Ref : Guide lines for Record-keeping of the Data, Design Reports, Contract Documents and other Documents in Phase-III under RUSDP. 14.06.2017
5   CMS-5 Ref : Guide lines for safety management during execution of works in Phase-III towns under RUSDP.  14.07.2017
6   CMS-6 Ref : Guide lines for notice and signage boards at work site. 01.12.2017
7   CMS-7 Ref : Guide Lines for deflection test in sewer works. 19.01.2018
8   CMS- 8 Ref : Responsibilities of the designated agency and Contractor under RUSDP 22.03.2018
9   CMS- 9 Ref : Standard Operating Procedure for laying of pipe line under RUSDP 12.04.2018
10   CMS No. 10 Ref : Guidelines for Compensatory Tree Plantation in RUIDP workds 13.04.2018
11   CMS-11 Ref : Guidlines for record keeping of work done on the request of public representative
12   CMS-12 Ref : Standard Project Management and Monitoring Procedure under RUSDP 18.05.2018
13   CMS-13 Ref : Guidelines for storage of materials and equipment at stockyard 18.05.2018
14   CMS-14 Ref : Guidelines for execution of sewerage works
15   CMS-15 Ref : Guidelines for test for Inspection Chambers and PVC-U pipes. 27.02.2019
16   CMS-16 Ref : Guidelines for reconciliation of material stock and SOP regarding rejected & materials damaged at site. 22.04.2019
17   CMS-17 Ref : Methodology for verification and confirmation of the rock strata in a segment while laying  of sewer by trenchless technology.
18   CMS-18 Ref : Guidelines for DMA Comissioning Protocol for Phase-III Water Supply Works   23.07.2019
19   CMS-19 Ref : Guidelines for procedure to be adopted during execution of sewerage of water supply works. 15.11.2021
20   CMS-20 Ref : Precautions for laying and jointing HDPE for achieving watertight joint while fixing of saddle/ferrule during execution & operation period 15.11.2021

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