Office order & Others

1 Modifiaction in Standard Bidding Document for National Competitive Bidding for Item-rate works for RUSDIP (RUIDP-II phase)
2 Office order (Guidelines for Payments to Consutants(IPMC,DSC's) Under RUSDIP
3 Office order - Payment to Consulting firm under RUSDIP.
4 Office order - Checking of Estimate of DPR and BOQ as per SOR of RUSDIP.
5 Office Order - Bids invited for the packages as detailed are hereby cancelled.
6. Office Order - Timely Payments to the consultants.
7. Office Order - Review the mobilization status
8 Office order- Approval of Curriculum Vitae of Support Engineers.
9 Office order-The Contract which do not finalise after opening of Bid
10 Finance Order-Regarding treasury bills
11 Schedule of Powers RUSDIP-Ph-2
12 Schedule of Powers RUIDP-Ph-1
13 Post creation in Phase-2 in RUSDIP
14 Closing date of Loan No. 1647 IND (RUIDP)
15 Schedule of power for NLCP
16. Creation of post in NLCP
17 Creation of post for UIDSSMT Works
18 Office order : - Pay Increment payable to DSC-I RUSDIP Personnel
19 Office order : - Pay Increment payable to DSC-II RUSDIP Personnel
20 Office order : - Pay Increment payable to DSC-III RUSDIP Personnel
21 Office Order: Approval of CV of Consultants
22 Office Order : debarment of consultanting firm for future participation UDH & LSG Dept. of Raj. & RUIDP
23 Amendment to the Office Order No. 9078-9118 dated 07/08/2013
24 Office Order : Tender Approval Committes of RUIDP and RUSDIP for works more than Rs. 5.00 Crore
25 Office Order : Deparment of M/s Expert Engineers Ltd, For further participation of the works under RUIDP.
26 Office Order : Panel for Dispute Adjudication Board for all Project Towns RUIDP
27 Standing Legal Committee for RUIDP
28 Office Order : Fee Structure for Dispute Adjudication Board
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