Bisalpur Water SupplyThe Bisalpur-Jaipur Water Supply Project (BWSP) has been designed to deliver water from the existing Bisalpur Dam headworks up to Balawala on the south edge of Jaipur City to reduce the city's dependence on its ground water resources, and includes complementary provisions for supplying water to other areas. The conceptual planning for the BWSP is to utilize the Bisalpur Dam water in a phased manner in order to meet the ever increasing water demands of Jaipur City and reduce the groundwater abstraction to sustainable limits. Phase I of the BWSP with water treatment plant (WTP) designed to supply a total of 400 MLD with a provision of 360 MLD for Jaipur city and 40 MLD for rural area.

The works have been planned and designed for 600 MLD in such a manner so as to facilitate a Phase II expansion program which is to be taken up in the future to provide a total of 540 MLD of treated water to Jaipur City plus 60 MLD to the rural areas and also to facilitate construction of the Stage II of the Project to achieve a total capacity of 1020 mld clear water production.

The Asian Development Bank agreed to take up the first Phase of the project as a part of the Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project (RUIDP) (ADB Loan Number 1647-IND). The total estimated cost of this part is Rs. 556 crores; of this amount, $60 million (about Rs. 276 crores) will be provided by the ADB and the remaining Rs. 280 crores will be provided by the State Government. The State has confirmed its commitment to provide any additional funds that may be required beyond the available loan amount.

The transmission system portion of the Phase I works is comprised of:

    Bisalpur Water Supply
  • Supply and installation of 9 Nos. vertical turbine raw water pumps each 850KW having capacity of 
    (Phase -I 416 MLD and for phase-II 624 MLD)
     in the existing pumping station at the Bisalpur Intake headworks.
  • Supply and installation of 8.4 km of 2400 mm diameter MS raw water pipeline from Bisalpur up to Surajpuraof 1060 mld capacity.
  • Construction of a 400 MLD potable water treatment plant at Surajpura.
  • Construction of a 400 MLD capacity clear water pumping station at Surajpura, with 360 mld to be delivered to Jaipur and 40 mld for rural areas expendable for 600 mld capacity.
  • Supply and installation of 96.0 km of 2300 mm diameter MS clear water pipeline from Surajpura up to Balawala of capacity 540 MLD sutaible for phase-II..
  • Dedicated power supply system, 220 KV GSS at Duni, 132 KV GSS at Surajpura, 2 Nos. of 33 KV Indoor type GSS at intake and WTP, duble circuit 132 KV power line from Todaraisingh 10 Km. and single circuit 132 KV two lines 30 Km. from Duni to Surajpura..

A single turnkey contract was tendered for this work on a single-point responsibility basis. Under this contract the Contractor is responsible for final design, supply, installation, construction, testing, commissioning, and operation and maintenance of the entire system. The construction period is 30 months. The same Contractor is responsible to for final design, supply, installation, construction, testing, commissioning and operation as well as maintenance of the entire system. The construction period is 30 months. The same Contractor will be responsible to carry out the O&M activities for a five year period after the system has been commsissioned.

The Contract Agreement for the "Works Part" has been signed between L&T and the Urban Development Department of Govt. of Rajasthan represented by Project Director, RUIDP on 30/06/2006. On the same day (30/06/2006) "Notice to Commence" has been issued to L&T to start the work from 01/07/2006. The progrss is as under:

Financial Progress

§  Project financial target : Rs. 556 Cr.   Progress to date : 553.21 Cr. 

§  L&T Contract amount : 475 Cr.          Progress :509.98 Cr. 

Physical Progress

Raw Water Pipe Line

§  Fabrication , Installation, Laying & Jointing, MS spiral welded pipe of 8.4 km, 2400 mm dia from Bisalpur Dam to Surajpura WTP of capacity 1060 MLD. Out of this line 1.2 Km laid over Ajmer Pipeline of 1700 mm dia without expansion joint and trust blocks.


§  MS surge shaft of height 56.9 meter and 1500 mm dia


§  Out of 8.4 Km, 3.0 Km pipeline is under ground and rest 5 km on supports.
MS 2300 mm dia pipeline of length about 96 km have been laid having Cathodic protection and Surge Tanks.                                            Completed
  • Regular Pumping of water to Jaipur city have been started from 01.03.09
Clear Water Pumping Station at Surajpura
  • Suitable for 400 mld and expendable for 600 mld.


Pumping Station at Intake  
  • Having capacity 416 mld for phase I and 624 mld for phase II.


  • Clear Water Reservoir at Surajpura 25 ML capacity
  • Electrification from Dooni & Todaraisingh

• 220 KV at Duni and 132 KV GSS at Surajpura connected with two lines- 30 Km from Duni to Surajpura--                      completed.

Since 1st March 2009, potable water from Bisalpur Dam is being supplied to Jaipur city and rural areas. One feeder for Jaipur city and two rural feeders, one of Malpura and one for Jhirana are spplied water regularly. The transmission system of BJWSP handed over to PHED for further operation & Maintenance.

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