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Chittorgarh city is popular tourist spot in Rajasthan. This princely city has got many places of visit, which enchant tourists from all over the world. These places reflect the then tradition, culture and splendor of the city. Some of the most famous tourist attractions in and around Chittorgarh are as follows:

  • Vijay Stambha -The Vijaya Stambha is an imposing victory monument located within Chittorgarh. fort in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, Indiahe tower was constructed by the Mewar king, Rana Kumbha, in 1448 to commemorate his victory over the combined armies of Malwa and Gujarat led by Mahmud Khilji. The tower is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.
  • Kirti Stambha Kirti Stambha is a 12th-century tower situated at Chittorgarh fort in Rajasthan, India. The 22 metre high tower was built by a Jain merchant Jeeja Bhagerwala during the reign of Rawal Kumar Singh (c. 1179-1191) for the glory of Jainism.
  • Padmini palace - Padmini's Palace or Rani Padmini's Palace is a white building and a three storied structure (a 19th-century reconstruction of the original). It is located in the southern part of the fort.
  • Rana Kumbha palace - At the entrance gate near the Vijaya Stamba, Rana Kumbha's palace (in ruins), the oldest monument, is located. The palace included elephant and horse stables and a temple to Lord Shiva. Maharana Udai Singh, the founder of Udaipur, was born here

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          The tourist attractions in Chittorgarh are the fort, which are sentinels of history. 

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