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Construction of Under pass at Madri Junction. 

UIT has constructed underpass at Madri Junction across the NH.8 Bypass with two separate box cells of clear dimension 4.00 mtr. width and 5.00 mtr. height in 30 mtrs. length for to-fro traffic in central portion and approaches in 105 mtr. of either sides.




This underpass has facilitated the daily to and fro traffic from Udaipur City to the Madri industrial area along with the population residing in the periphery village area of Kanpur, Kaladwas, Lakadwas etc. Frequent traffic jam condition at chances of accidents on Madri Junction has also been reduced.






Construction of Storm Water Drainage in Revenue Village Manwakhera. 

UIT constructed storm water nallah in 600 mtrs. length in Revenue village Manwakhera from the leftover point of nallah constructed by RUIDP in 2003 up to its disposal point.




The construction of this nallah has resolved the problem of people of Manwakhera undergoing from waterlogging situation during and for almost 5 month after the Rainy Season along with the waste water drainage of one fourth part of the city which previously remain undisposed.



Construction of road from NH.76 to  Dhikali Panchayat Headquarter.

UIT has constructed this important link road in Periphery area of UIT with 4100.00 mtr. length and 7.0 mtr. width.




The construction of this road has not only facilitated the habitation residing in revenue village Dhikali but also the habitation developed/upcoming on either side of this road. Benefiting population of almost 10,000.



Construction of Bridge on Berech River between Dabok to Changeri Marg


High level has been constructed across Berech river in place of previously existing damaged vented causeway connecting Dabok area to Changeri and onwards area in 60.00 mtrs. length & 7.50 mtr width along with the approaches.




Construction of this bridge has benefited the population of almost 11,000 of village Changeri, Shihada & Bichadi who have to travel almost 8.00 Km. extra distance due to water flowing over previously constructed vented causeway during and after the Rainy Season for almost duration of 4 Months.


3 Construction of Paver road at Sub city Center Scheme.
4 Widening & Strengthening of Savina-Titardi Main Road.
5 Widening & Strengthening of Road from Sub city Center Circle to jadav Nursery.
6 Construction of 80 ft. wide road at Sector 8-9 Link Road.
7 Widening of Road From Paras Cinema to Balicha By-Pass (Goverdhan Villas Bottel Neck.)
8 20 MLD Sewerage Treatment plant (S.T.P.)
9 Master Plan’s 100 ft. wide road from Hiran Magri Sector-3 to Mali Colony
10 Khel Gaon
11 Maa Ji Ka Mandir
13 Rajiv Gandhi Park
14 Convoy Heights To Byepass Through Garib Nawaj 100ft. Road
15 Development And Beautification Of Pullan Chauraha
16 Development And Beautification Of Shobhagpura Chauraha
17 Development And Beautification Of Bhuwana Chauraha
18 CC Road Along Gaurav-Path Near Amberi
19 CC Road Along Gaurav-Path In Bhuwana Village
20 Strengthening And Profile Correction Of 100 feet Road From Sobhagpura Chauraha To University Road
21 Strengthening And Profile Correction Of 100 feet Road From Sobhagpura Chauraha To GSS(Chitrakoot Nagar)
22 Strengthening And Profile Correction Of 100 feet Road From Sobhagpura Chauraha To Pullan Chauraha
23 Strengthening And Profile Correction Of 100 feet Road From Sobhagpura Chauraha To Mahila Thana
24 Fountain
25 Lighting At Rajiv Gandhi Park And Fatehsagar Pal
26 100 ft. wide road from Mali Colony to J.C. Bose Hostel
27 Widening of 80 ft. wide road at Sector- 9
28 Widening of Road at Hiran Magri Sector 9-14 Link Road.
29 Development work of pal for Purohiton ka Talab(Amberi)
30 Promenade development work at Ayad River(Near Syphone Choraha Site no.-2)
31 Construction of Community center at Aashirwad Nagar
32 Construction And Development Of Driving Track At Bhuwana
33 Box culvert at Bhuwana Chauraha
  Pichwahi Art Paintning works at City Railyway Station
  Sewerage Projects
  Sukha Naka Bridge on Ayad River
  Rejuvenation of BedwasTalab. 

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